We make that happen.

What we offer you

  • Custom Solutions

    We create custom LED lighting solutions for you that are specific to your industry

  • Your Brand is #1 to us!

    We brand products with your logo to help you build your company not advertise for us

  • Packaging Design

    We design packaging that reaches customers with your values in mind

  • Shipping

    We will never charge you for shipping and you can expect to see your custom products within 2-6 weeks of ordering

  • Support

    We support all products with a simple warranty and can provide a standalone RMA system to manage returns, so you don't have to! 

  • Grow Your Sales

    We help you grow sales by providing turn-key structure expand your product line


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do custom LED lights cost?

Less than you may think. Prices have three factors: product, packaging, and quantity. Unit cost can range from $10 to $400

How many lights do we have to order?

Between 1 and 100,000. 

How long does it take?

Demo orders are expedited and usually ship within 2 weeks. Regular orders typically ship in 2-6 weeks. All order ship direct from our shop in Plains, Montana. 

Can we order custom LED's without becoming a technoweenie?

Yes, we have the industry expertise to provide the right products for your application. So, you can keep your pocket protector hidden in your desk drawer. 

Why are your lights better than everyone else?

They aren't, or at least we don't waste your time trying to convince you they are (even though we think they are ;). Every company out there will tell you why their lights are the best. We provide the best custom LED solutions that meet your industry's demands. The key is finding the balance of cost, quality, and value. That's what we do better than everyone else!

Are they made in the USA?

No. Our products are manufactured primarily by contract vendors. We work with vendors all over North America and oversees. We manufacture wire harnesses and packeging in our shop with products from Michigan, Washington, and California.

What is the warranty?

Our warranty is simple: If it fails, we provide a replacement.